Frequently Asked Questions

Is mana fix not a problem in this format?

Actually not because the format is slow. Even if the duals are restricted it is not a problem at all for a deck with 2 colors. Running 3 or 4 colors might be more of a challenge. Common cards for mana fix that basically everyone is playing: City of Brass, Fellwar Stone and applicable dual lands. Other possible candidates: Birds of Paradise, Land Tax, Elves of Deep Shadow and Untamed Wilds.

Why no point for Chaos Orb?

Because it's one of the very few cards which can destroy enchantments. There are only about ~6 cards that can deal with enchantments (Disenchant, Tranquility, Desert Twister, Nev Disk, Boomerang, Orb… and in some corner cases, other Enchant Worlds....) and that’s why we are still allowing Chaos Orb to be played in all decks. Also, the card is fun to play (literally speaking) and that’s something cool and quite unique to OldSchool formats only. The card was discussed along with Guardian Beast. For the moment we decided to leave it as-is.

Why does Karakas has a point?

We understand that Karakas is awesome in Legends theme decks but Karakas as a no-brainer auto-include in all decks playing some amount of white (Blood Moon is almost not existing in this format and Karakas is better than Plains) - and that is a huge concern to us as then Legends theme decks would not be able to exist anymore.

Can you steal the Chaos Orb when it is activated using Alladin or Scarwood Bandits?

Yes. You can't sacrifice a permanent that you don't control and you can't flip it either and the ability doesn't resolve. The owner of the Aladdin or Scarwood Bandits would keep the Chaos Orb tapped and could activate it the next turn.

Other Questions:

We refer to this excellent Old School Rules FAQ written by Scott Latham.




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