Below we collect links to videochannels and playlists about the 7pts Singleton format.

Streams of tournaments

Channel about 7pts singleton

Matches and commentary in english.

OLDMTG (Terry Hutchings)

A number of webcam matches with english commentary and explanations.

Timmy the Sorcerer

A number of matches with good commentary in english.

Montreal Tundra Wolves, July '23 Monthly Matches 

3 videos with english commentary where they play 7pts singleton.

Gandalf the Dark

Only 1 video so far in his playlist from june 2021 but it is a good one featuring a match with good commentary and deck tech info.

MTG New England

Only 1 video so far but it is really good.


This playlist features a number of matches in Spain. If there is commentary it is in spanish.

Order of the Orb, Italy

A number of videos with commentary in italian, some in english.

Brian Weissman

Brian did a number of excellent videos in early 2021. Matches, deck tech and commentary.

Vintage MTG

A number of videos with Brian Weissman from december 2020 to february 2021.

Dair Grant

A number of matches in english.

Nahti1 (german speaking community)

A number of streams of matches.

Jaime Locsin

Streams of matches.

Rich Bourque

Videos of a number of streams with commentary.

Featured Videos

Intro video about the format and a game, Brian Weissman december 2020:




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